The game has pretty simple game mechanics that I find to be strangely addictive and entertaining. Points are scored as jewels are collected. The ball, controlled partly by the gyroscope of the mobile controller, can pass through any body which has the same color as itself. Collecting a jewel also changes the color of the ball.

Up till now, the game only consisted of squares rotating and random speeds. The squares are in fact made up of 4 individual rectangles, each of which have their positions and sizes calculated based on certain parameters.

To make the game more interesting, I decided to add in another kind of challenge - a horizontal wall with four different colors. Similarly, the ball can only pass through the part that has the same color as itself.

The ball jumps when a tap is registered on the mobile controller, and it moves horizontally when the controller is tilted. When a jewel is collected, the controller vibrates briefly as a form of haptic feedback to the player and the updated score is displayed on the controller's screen. The screen also has a background color that reflects the current color of the ball.