App Concept

I will be coming up with a game for the final project.

While I haven't exactly thought of what kind of game I will be creating, I have decided to allow players to control the game using their smartphones instead of the mouse or keyboard. Hopefully, that would make the game more interactive and unique.

Before the game can begin, players would link their mobile device by scanning a QR code or by typing in a unique short link. The game will make use of WebSockets for inter-device communication. Hardware sensors like the accelerometer can then be used as an input to control certain aspects of the game.

So far, I have set up express to serve the game and the controller page using EJS as the templating engine. I used for the WebSocket connections.

Front-end dependencies are managed using bower, and gulp is used as the build system. Right now, gulp takes care of compiling sass into css whenever it changes.